Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PM O’Neill congratulates Team PNG – expands Incentive Program to all athletes

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill  has congratulated Team Papua New Guinea for their outstanding performance, and extended the Government's Games cash incentive to include all team athletes who did not win a medal.
Speaking at the post-Games team celebration at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium on Monday night, O'Neill highlighted the hard work of each athlete.
"We know the sacrifice each one of you have made to perform the very best for the nation and our people," the Prime Minister said.
"We must continue to support you.
"The Government has made a decision that we will give all non-medal winners two and a half thousand Kina each to support your training.  This will allow each participant to travel home and meet their expenses.
"Some people do not understand but they are few in numbers.  You have eight million people behind you and they see what you have achieved.
"We will not stop there but we will expand on what we have already built.
"I can assure you that our High Performance Program will continue and we will put more money into making sure you get the best training possible.
"You must continue to use our facilities and do it every weekend so they are not wasted.
"Please continue to train hard and know that your Government will continue to invest in sports in our country."
O'Neill told the athletes that through their efforts at the games, they can see what is possible and reach for their dreams.
"This is just only the beginning for you and many of the thousands of young men and women, who are going to come after you.
"You have made us very proud of your achievements.  Thank you on behalf of our country, you have lifted the pride of our nation through your performance.
"Through your presence and participation you have made us all very proud.
"You have shown the world, not just the region, that Papua New Guinea can do anything we set our mind to.
"Our young population is demanding that we build the greatest nation."
O'Neill also challenged the team to achieve the same result they achieve at the XV Pacific games in four years' time in Tonga with the Government's support.

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