Friday, September 18, 2015

PNGDF rescues Indonesian hostages

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has confirmed that two Indonesian nationals, that had been taken hostage by near the border with Indonesia, have been rescued by the PNGDF.
O'Neill said the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia were in communication through the process of negotiation and eventual rescue of the two men.
"This was a serious situation that is believed to involve the deaths of at least one other Indonesian national over a period of one week," he said.
"Through careful planning by Papua New Guinea Defence Force and other security elements this situation has been resolved without further loss of life.
"I commend the PNGDF for their outstanding work to track down the detain the alleged perpetrators.
"The men are now undergoing medial assessments ahead of being returned to Indonesia.
"I was in communication with President Joko Widodo though this process and our agencies shared information during the planning and execution of the rescue operation.
"I thank Indonesia for their trust in the capacity of the PNGDF during this challenging and tense period."
O'Neill said the operation is still ongoing so it would be inappropriate to comment further until a number of matters relating to the situation are resolved.
"We must be careful to ensure that anything said in the media does not undermine operational security.
"What is clear is that these men have been through a terrible ordeal and their return to their families in Indonesia is a priority.
"An investigation is underway into the events leading up to and during the period when the two men were held against their will and moved to various locations near the border.
"We must ensure due process is followed."

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