Monday, October 05, 2015

PM’s Chief of Staff clears air on Opposition claims

Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Isaac Lupari has highlighted the inconsistencies and "cheap shots" in recent statements by the Leader of the Opposition in relation to the Prime Minister's travel, and economic developments.
"Don Polye is misleading the people and country with his recent statements," Lupari said.
"This is wild goose chase rhetoric from a man who has not offered any real policy debate since he toppled Namah to become the Opposition Leader.
"His continuous negative attitude is an indicative of someone with a vendetta and a bitter mindset.
"This is dangerous for the country, and he should seriously consider whether he is worthy of being the alternative Prime Minister of the country."
Following Polye's questioning of the Prime Minister traveling overseas for State business, Lupari said the Opposition Leaders' comments were inappropriate.
"Don Polye should know better, as former senior minister and chairman of the World Bank and IMF, that the Prime Minister, by virtue of his position, is mandated to conduct state businesses in the country and outside of the country.
"We live in a global community and Papua New Guinea has to engage with the international community both at government and business levels.
"What Don Polye is saying is that Papua New Guinea should not engage with the rest of the world.
"His isolationist policy would spell disaster for the country and our people.
"It is rather sad for people like Don Polye to live outside of the real world."
Lupari further questioned the Opposition Leader's ongoing negative commentary about the State loan to purchase Oil Search shares.
"The UBS loan was undertaken for the State of Papua New Guinea to acquire 10.2 % shares in Oil Search Limited.
"This matter is still before the Court and with the Ombudsman Commission, so it is improper for the Prime Minister to comment on it.
"The Opposition Leader and those who continue to dwell breathlessly on this issue, must respect our legal system and Judiciary processes.
"Polye and his cohorts should simply wait for the outcome of these proceedings.
"Don Polye should get his facts right when he wants to make statement regarding the economy and Government's Finance.
"He keeps misfiring on all fronts, which can only affect the image of the country.
"This Government is trying its best to attract foreign investments into the country and it does not help, when people like Don Polye make misleading comments about the state of the economy.
"This only goes to show that either he lacks real understanding of the dynamics of the economy and finance or he is simply playing politics."
Lupari said the Prime Minister had already issued a statement on the royalty and development levy due to the landowners and provincial governments.
"These funds were kept in the trust accounts with the Bank of Papua New Guinea and will be released to the landowners and provincial governments after landowner identification process was completed.
"None of these funds are used by Government for budgetary purposes.
"If Don Polye is concerned, all he has to do is ask the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea.
"It appears his statement is another reflection on misunderstanding and inability to debate policy issues.
"What the Prime Minister has said on the issue of LNG revenue was very clear.
"First, that PNG LNG project revenues are being affected by the decline in the Oil price.
"Therefore revenue inflow to the State will be less than what was expected in the Budget.
"That is a fact, and it is truth. PNG has no influence over the oil price on the world stage, and therefore we have to adjust to reflect this.
"That is why Treasurer will tabled a supplementary budget in the October-November Parliament Sitting.
"Secondly, the Prime Minister issued an statement on the issue of royalties for landowner and provincial governments, and a development levy for LNG provinces from the LNG Project.
"This was following questions about the whereabouts of these funds which were raised by landowners and others.
"The Prime Minister has confirmed that all royalty and development payments are keep in the Trust Account with the Bank of Papua New Guinea for safe keeping until the landowner identification process was completed.
"Also, none of the above funds have been or are going to be used for budget purposes.
"If Don Polye wants to know the truth, he should simply ask the Governor of Bank of Papua New Guinea, instead of lying to the people of Papua New Guinea.
"This Government is all about growing the economy, creating employment for our people, and stimulating the growth of the private sector development and delivery basis services to our people.
"The Government is not interested in playing nonsense politics with people like who are bereft of ideas and just want to talk the country down for their own gain.
"If Don Polye is so concern about the welfare of the people, he should start attending to his people of Kandep, whom he has neglected for so long."

What Don Polye said

Opposition Leader Don Polye has questioned Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s "secret trip" to Singapore.
 Polye queried why O’Neill quietly slipped out of the country without even officially appointing an acting Prime Minister.
“Why has O’Neill accompanied by selected cabinet ministers left quietly for Singapore?” asked Polye.
The Opposition Leader believes O’Neill is in a hurry to secure an additional loan to burden the country.
"The departure of O’Neill comes at a time when Bank of PNG has come out clear telling the country that proceeds of LNG is not kept in a trust account.
"Prime Minister Peter O’Neill previously said the proceeds were kept safe in a trust account within the bank.
"BPNG Governor Loi Bakani announced that LNG revenue is not kept by the Bank."
Following Bakani’s explanation, the Opposition Leader commended Bakani for coming out with the truth.
“Mr Bakani’s explanation directly tells us that O’Neill has been telling lies to the landowners that their money is being kept at the trust account at BPNG,” said Polye.
“I call on leaders from the resource provinces to take O’Neill to task as he has been lying.” 
He said over 120 LNG shipments had been made and this should bring in over K4.8 billon in revenue.
 Polye reiterated his earlier comments that he had classified information that proceeds from LNG were kept in a ESCRO account operated by the UBS to pay off the K3 billion loan O’Neill has obtained from them.
 Polye said proceeds of LNG were mortgaged to pay off the K3 billion UBS loan obtained by the O’Neill government.
He said nationally owned company NPCP acted for the government in ensuring that proceeds from the LNG go straight to an account in Singapore.
"NPCP on behalf of the state signed a payment direction deed in 2014.
"The deed signed allowed the establishment of Escrow account in its own name with UBS in Singapore.
"As per the payment direction deed, all proceeds will go to a withholding company, GloCO which then services the UBS loan. GloCO is then paid for its services all from the proceeds of PNG LNG."

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  1. PM is looking ahead to develop this country but these power hungry politicians will always find ways to attack him. They should concentrate on their electorate before attacking other politicians who have done well to put this country to the world. Personally I've seen changes and developments in Papua New Guinea which was never done before, in order to further develop our country of course we need more loan to develop it is just like doing business. These politicians especially Polye benefited from his district money by sending his family to cairns to enjoy while his electorate rot away full of tribal fighting and more law and order issues. He should feel for Kandep people...

    Kandep Besta