Saturday, December 17, 2016

Back home in Lae

I'm back home in Lae with my daughter for holidays and also to attend the opening of our Lutheran church building in Laukanu, Salamaua, tomorrow (Sunday).
We arrived yesterday (Friday) on a brand-new PNG Air aircraft from Port Moresby.
Flight delayed and a bumpy and cloudy ride over the Owen Stanley, but we're at home. Thanks to PNG Air for the safe ride on the new ATR home for Christmas.
And the flight continues on to Madang, Wewak and Vanimo...bringing our people home for Christmas...
The mighty Busu River empties into the sea outside Lae.
Descending into Nadzab with the Highlands Highway below and the Saruwaged Range in the background.
How green was the valley...coming in for landing at Nadzab yesterday with the Saruwaged Range in the background...the road below leads on to the Highlands Highway in the middle of this picture...
A lovely bouquet of flowers at our Butibam Village home.
Checking out the local market at Butibam Village.

Bumped into bro Moses "Balance" Philemon along the road and we were reminiscing about our childhood days in the village.Moses was one of the original "BMX Bandits" of Lae in the 1980s.
Sad to see that our main road through the village is gone. To think that back in the 70s and 80s, while growing up here, we had sealed roads and street lights.
Guys, what do you think about this huge Lae melon? 
These beautiful flowers planted by Mum are still here to remind us of her - and Dad, Jack my nephew, Alison my big sister,  and Hula my wife -  this Christmas...although they may be many precious memories...

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