Sunday, December 11, 2016

Crystal Rapids is the perfect escape from Port Moresby

Crystal Rapids is indeed the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Port Moresby.
All former and current students of Sogeri National High School know about that, however, my elder brother David and I are both ex Aiyura National High School.
The magic of Crystal Rapids
Today, Sunday, Dec 11, my niece Zarin, eldest daughter of David, had her 14th birthday, and invited my kids and I to a day out at this beautiful part of Papua New Guinea.
David pointing out Crystal Rapids to me
David and family picked my tribe at our 8-Mile home, in two Toyota Landcruisers to our rendezvous, along the Sogeri Road past the rolling Laloki River and magnificent mountain grandeur.
Magnificent scenery At Crystal Rapids
The Sogeri Road is a busy stretch with new developments and houses all along what was once a quiet country track.
We drove past the breathtaking Rouna Falls and up to Sogeri, past the road leading to the iconic WWII icon of Owers' Corner, the start of the famous Kokoda Trail.
Peace and tranquility at Crystal Rapids
Rain started falling lightly as we made our way to Crystal Rapids, stopping at a roadside market along the way, for some fresh bananas and water cress.
The market at Crystal Rapids
Wows all around as we drove into our destination, took out the steaks and chicken for a barbecue, as the kids and some of us took a plunge or just sat along the riverside enjoying the views.

I wish you were here with me

The park-like settings of Crystal Rapids are kept in tip-top condition by rangers from the local Koiari villages, who also maintain  good security.
It only costs K20 per vehicle entry fee.
The park-like settings of Crystal Rapids.
Oure Keigen, from the local Auberi clan of Koiari, was keeping a vigil over children in the rapids when I had a chat with him.
Crystal Rapids' ranger Oure Keigen.
"Every weekend, we have so many visitors from all over the worlds, from Europeans to Indians to Filipinos to Papua New Guineans," he tells me.
"We look after our visitors and advise them where and where not to swim (because of the fast-flowing rapids).
In the rapids
" We look after the place very well and clean it up on Fridays before the weekend.
"We have haus wins (rest houses) with barbecues and firewood.
One of the haus win at Crystal Rapids.

" You just come and chosen whichever haus win you prefer.
"We also have tourists who come to walk the Kokoda Trail or who are staying at the Kokoda Lodge, visit here to relax and have a swim."
See you at Crystal Rapids

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