Tuesday, December 27, 2016

From Goroka to Lae

We travelled back to Lae from Goroka on Monday, Dec 26,  after four enjoyable days in the Land of Perennial Springtime.
Being in Goroka was an unforgettable experience for my daughter.
I personally felt all refreshed and rejuvenated to face 2017.
We left Goroka at 12.30pm:
Little America at New Tribes Mission outside Goroka.

Bena Bridge.

Korofeigu...one of my favorite sections of the Highlands Highway.
Stopping for pineapples, hot corn and veggies past Korofeigu.

Roadside house past Korofeigu
Going up the once-notorious Barola Hill.
Cool December rain on top of Barola Hill.
Past Barola Hill, torrential downpour and poor visibility.
A hole in the clouds at 2.40pm when we arrive in Kainantu.
Dangerous. Highlands Highway near Yonki. This hole wasn't here last Thursday when we were driving to Goroka.

Akamole Market at Yonki.

Evangelical Brotherhood Church, Yonki...another of my favorite Highlands Highway spots.
Roads are a far cry from what they were on Kassam Pass.
Yung Creek.
Back in the Markham.


  1. Great post Malum. If you are ever near Ukarumpa stop by and I can show you around.

    1. It's a long while since I've been to Ukarumpa, Paul. I'd love to visit.