Monday, March 12, 2018

Oil Search provide urgent relief food, medical supplies to Bosavi

Oil Search yesterday provided medical treatment to 44 people at Huiya in the Mt Bosavi area and medevacked four to the company clinic at Moro.
The company’s emergency response team visited Bosavi with food, shelter, clean drinking water and medical supplies.
CHECKING IN – A pregnant mother from Huiya at the Mt Bosavi area was medevacked to the Oil Search clinic at Moro yesterday, and as is being accompanied by the Oil Search medical team by mid wife Lily Elizah, Dr Alben Yamba and medic Russell Banks (right)

The medical team, who are members of the emergency response team provided on the spot treatment to the 44.
Providing food, fresh water, shelter and access to medical services and facilities remains Oil Search’s top priority for the people affected by the recent earthquake in Hela and Southern Highlands provinces.
This is based on assessments conducted by the company emergency response teams that are visiting villages in the two provinces.
The teams take food and medical supplies with them and provide on the spot medical treatment and medevac the serious cases back to the company clinic at Moro or the Hela Provincial Hospital in Tari.
The Oil Search medical team has treated 44 patients in its Moro base clinic, and the number is expected to increase as the team travels to more locations.
Thirty patients have been treated and discharged, with five evacuated to Hela Provincial Hospital in Tari, and seven evacuated to Port Moresby.
GOING HOME: Women and children who were medevacked from Kekero village last week to the Oil Search clinic have been treated and discharged today, riding home in the helicopter.

The medical response team comprises a medical doctor and medic who conduct rapid assessment at every village, including the state of the village and health centre, and any patients suffering from injury or illness.
To date, the team has completed 19 rapid village assessments and seven regional hospital and health centre assessments.
A total of 22 health centre kits, which comprise medication and consumables have been delivered to the four regional districts – Komo-Magarima, Koroba-Kopiago, Tari-Pori and Nipa-Kutubu.
This information is shared with the National Government and the Hela and Southern Highlands Provincial governments to assist with their relief coordination efforts.
The company commenced earthquake emergency response to affected areas on March 1, and has since reached well over 35,000 people in 42 villages visits.
The Oil Search emergency response teams have returned to an additional 12 villages, reaching about a further 20,000 people.
“We will continue to work with the National Government and its agencies, and other partners, where we can, to address the critical needs of our communities in this difficult time,’’ Oil Search managing director Peter Botten says.
The company has also committed K16 million in cash and kind towards the earthquake relief efforts.
Oil Search’s logistics base at Moro is now the hub for relief effort coordination, working with the PNG Government, the Australian and New Zealand governments, for the use of their Hercules C130 aircrafts, which are moving bulk cargo from Port Moresby and Mt Hagen to Moro for distribution to affected areas.
This was boosted over the weekend with the arrival of two Australian Deference Force Chinooks helicopters, supporting the relief efforts.
Disaster coordination officials are also based at Moro, along with partners such
as the Australian Government, New Zealand Government, MRDC and ExxonMobil who are all contributing to relief efforts.
The Oil Search emergency response teams are distributing food – initially biscuits and water, and then on
the second visit they bring rice, tinned fish, tinned meat, cooking oil, salt, carpentry items, fresh drinking water, purchased by Oil Search as well as distributing other items donated by the Australian government, New Zealand Government and other partners such as Trukai Industries Ltd.
 Water containers and tanks are also being distributed.
Meanwhile, Oil Search is sending a barge to Kikori in the Gulf province relief supplies comprising clean drinking water, water treatment and purifying tablets, tanks and water containers, for the earthquake victims there.- Story and pictures by Oil Search Ltd

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