Friday, March 16, 2018

PNG earthquake response logistics situation update (14 March 2018)
March 14, 2018



● The Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) through the Emergency Controllers Office, has established Forward operating bases as well as Logistics Bases, with privately donated services from commercial operators and international donors in Mt. Hagen and Moro. There are Emergency Operations Centres in Mendi and Tari from the National Disaster Centre.

● The above have been established to serve the worst-hit 7 Local Level Governments (LLG) in Hela and Southern Highlands provinces, namely: North Koroba, South Koroba, Yahapuga Rural, Koma rural, Hulia Rural, Nipa Rural and Lake Kutubu Rural.

● Wide-spread damage to infrastructure, including airfields, bridges and access roads, and further landslides caused by recent heavy rains, have been hampering access to affected communities.

● GoPNG has cleared the main Highlands Highway connecting Western Highlands, Southern Highlands, and Hela. However, several roads linking to the Highway remain impassable.

● Fixed and rotary wings assets by the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces (ADF and NZDF) - made available to support the immediate emergency response phase - are being phased out CH 47 on Friday 16 March and C130 on Monday 19 March, 2018.

● A system to request and coordinate the tasking of military and private sector assets has been put in place by the logistics coordination team (further information in the sections below).


● The NZDF C-130 which was based in POM to support the initial relief efforts, completed operations on 14 March 2017. The ADF C-130 - also based in POM for rotations to Mt Hagen and Moro will complete its last task on 19 March. The C-130 is currently fully tasked until 17 March. Three ADF CH47 Chinook helicopter will also complete their tasking on 16 March.

● Oilsearch and ExxonMobil have three Bell 212 helicopters available for loading from Moro.

● MAF has two Twin Otters and three Cessna Caravans for use with some limited cost recovery.

● The phasing out of foreign military assets will increase current gaps in reaching hard-to-reach and remote communities living in locations primarily accessible via helicopter. Alternative / commercial transport options and resourcing are being looked into to address this gap.

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