Thursday, March 29, 2018

Touching down with relief in Fuma

PORT MORESBY– ExxonMobil PNG is continuing to support local and international aid agencies to provide support to earthquake relief efforts.
This week ExxonMobil PNG staff touched down by helicopter in the remote village of Fuma in Western Province.

 The earthquake rendered river water undrinkable, and flooding swept away canoes – cutting off the only mode of transportation across the river to reach their gardens – blocking access to food.
No roads lead to Fuma; supplies can only be delivered by air.
  Food water, tarps solar lights, along with Mum/baby kits provided by the New Zealand government, were included in the airdrop.

The appreciation from the community, who had no expectation of help coming, was a humbling experience for the ExxonMobil PNG team. 

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