Sunday, April 01, 2018

Old Royal Adelaide Hospital medical equipment to help people hit by earthquake in the PNG highlands

EQUIPMENT from the old Royal Adelaide Hospital will be put to good use in the highlands of Papua New Guinea with help from a Flinders University student.
Shila Paia, a PhD student, comes from a community devastated by the recent earthquake and mud slides in remote mountain areas.
Her contacts in PNG’s health services have enabled her to identify goods available from the decommissioned RAH that will help to cover shortfalls in medical supplies.
Equipment ranging from ultrasounds to theatre and surgical goods will help in everything from childbirth to basic primary health care.
“Every piece that has been made available from the old RAH will be useful,” she said.
“I’m especially pleased to have secured a surgical microscope, which I am hoping to donate to the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae.”
Shila’s project is one of 29 endorsed project applications for equipment from the old RAH.
She is now seeking help to pack a shipping container.
SA’s Dr Yasmin Endlich, Dr Chris Acot, Dr Robert Young and nurse Sharon Philip will travel to PNG to install the equipment and train locals.

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