Monday, May 28, 2018

4 arrested over K100,000 bribery attempt of policeman

Police Media

Four persons, including a policeman,  have been arrested over another attempt to bribe police investigator Apollos Terry with K100,000 in cash.
Gordons Minor Crimes Unit officer-in-charge Apollos Terry with the K100,000 cash bribe during the briefing with Police Commissioner Gari Baki today. On the right of the picture is the K6500 cash found on a policeman.
Terry, the officer-in-charge of the Gordon Minor Crimes Unit, is currently heading an investigation into suspected human trafficking, uttering of Government documents and other related transnational crimes including suspected visa and passport racketeering.
Early this month, a Chinese national, Zhiyuan Cui, also known as Aaron, of Shandon Province, was arrested and charged when he tried to bribe Terry with K10,000 in cash.
Aaron is the managing-director of A & D Consultancy Ltd, a PNG-registered passport and visa agent.
In this latest bribery attempt, a man from Central allegedly gave Terry the K100,000 all in K100 notes and allegedly asked him to drop the case against Aaron Cui.
Apollos restrained the Central man and told him to call the person who gave him the money and arrange for a meeting. 
The person (named) came and was in the company of Aaron Cui. 
All have been detained and are currently being interviewed and are expected to be charged soon.
During the interview, the suspects alleged that two police detectives (named) had solicited K50,000 in cash from them to help stop the case. 
They were given K50,000 last week. 
Apollos' team arrested one of the policeman who denied the allegation. 
He had K500 in his pocket. 
He was locked up at the Boroko cells and K6000 cash was found at his residence at the Bagita Police Barracks in Port Moresby during a search. 
 More updates to follow.

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