Friday, May 25, 2018

District update from Tari-Pori MP James Marape

May 24, 2018

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill today directed ExxonMobil, Works and Implementation Minister Michael Nali and Secretary David Wereh, and contractor Curtain Brothers  to start on the Hela 1, 2 and 3 buildings in Tari as well as start sealing Wabia to Nipa and Halimbu to Komo roads.
This was in the presence of Hela Governor Philip Undialu, Koroba-Lake Kopiago MP and Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas, Southern Highlands Governor William Powi and myself.
ExxonMobil has committed to draw down K150 million tax credit of which the first  K70 million  will be made available this month for work to start.
We are also getting Chinese Exim Bank to fund the high-voltage power line into Hides from Mt Hagen.
Kumul Petroleum has been asked to finance the smaller 22 kva distribution lines in and around Hela and Southern Highlands.
Prime Minister O'Neill has also directed Oil Search to provide tax credit funding to complete Gulf-Southern Highlands- Hela Highway as well as getting Poroma-Kutubu Highway sealed.
My people , I know many problems face us. Worst of all is lack of development in our areas.
 I admit we have not done much in terms of large-scale impact projects.
However,  just because these have not started yet does not mean we,  your leaders,  aren’t fighting for you.
As your leaders, we dream the same dream you have.
Many times, our own differences of opinion, tribal fights or political fights cause  delay work we can achieve for our home province if we all work together.
My dream remains for a better Hela: Educated, healthy and industrious people.
I want sealed roads to run from Komo to Tari , Tari to Kopiago, Tari to Mendi, Tari to Kikori, Tari to the wharf in Kikori.
I want functioning sealed airports in both Tari and Komo, electricity from Hides with getting fibre optics from Hides to the whole of Hela.
These are but a few dreams but we can’t advance much with law-and-order problems.
I am coming home next week to consolidate on the present peace programme my district peace team has started.
I ask my people to try our best to resolve our differences in a peaceful manner.
Let us show the country we are people with the ability to forgive and care for each other.
Next week, when I come,  I hope to bring planners from PNG Defence Force who will look at possible sites for a 1000-soldier barracks in my district.
I am also dreaming of a military base in Tari for the long-term.
Many things are possible for our district and province.
We are in Government not to waste time.
If in difficult times our Government can change Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hagen, we can do likewise for Tari.
All I request is PEACE.
My people, be rest assured I am still at work for you.
By the time I am finished as your MP, I want to leave Tari a better district then what I took over from.
Thank you and God Bless.

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