Saturday, May 19, 2018

ExxonMobil PNG re-deploys PNG Salvation Army medical team to disaster-affected areas

As part of its on-going support to the earthquake affected communities, ExxonMobil PNG, operator of the PNG LNG project has re-deployed the PNG Salvation Army medical team to provide much-needed medical assistance as the company works towards supporting with repair and maintenance work on health care facilities.

A needs assessment conducted by the PNG Salvation Army and also ExxonMobil PNG has identified that many of the health care facilities in the project impact areas were displaced with limited or no medical supplies to assist the communities.

PNG Salvation Army health workers undergoing their code of conduct pre-deployment briefing by Gender and Protection Specialist from UN Women PNG office, Anggie Burchhil before their deployment to the Western Province on Monday to assist the earthquake affected communities.

ExxonMobil PNG community development support manager Debbie Maraki with PNG Salvation Army health workers and the territorial director of health services for PNG Salvation Army, Captain Christine Gee and gender and Protection Specialist from UN Women PNG office, Anggie Burchhil after their pre-deployment briefing.

The assessment also stated that structures of health care facilities were still intact but required minor repair and maintenance to ensure they were safe to be used while others needed re-stocking of pharmaceutical drug supplies.

ExxonMobil PNG managing-director Andrew Barry said: “Part of our long term recovery support plan is to reestablish the health care facilities that have been displaced, but at the same time we recognise that the people still need assistance with basic health service which the PNG Salvation Army medical team is able to provide.”

Six medical officers departed on Monday, May 14. They will be stationed at three locations including Huiya in the Mt. Bosavi area near the border of Hela and Western provinces and Habi and Wasowedu in the Western Province.

An additional two medical officers will depart in the coming days and will be at Hides to provide service to Para, Eduawi, Mananda, Komo, Benaria and Juni communities.

ExxonMobil PNG is also providing support for the restoration of education services and community food gardens as part of its long term recovery plan.

The company is also assisting the Government to build infrastructure and key roads and bridges for Hela and Southern Highlands Provinces that were destroyed during the disaster.

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