Thursday, May 31, 2018

World Environment Day 2018: Governor Parkop and NCDC call for action


Preparations for the upcoming World Environment Day on June 5 are underway by the National Capital District Commissions and the office of NCD Governor.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop has called on city residents to come out of their comfort zones this Saturday to clean the city as part of a commitment to World Environment Day and the city of Port Moresby.
As part of this commitment, the employees of NCDC will be doing a major clean up from Boroko to Gordons on Saturday.
NCDC is committed to transforming Port Moresby to a more liveable, peaceful, and healthy environment as part of a global movement to protect the earth’s natural environments.
Governor Parkop also made a call to the National Government to declare June 5 a National Day of Action to Protect the Environment – making it a public holiday where people can do public clean-ups, beautify the environment and plant trees.
This year World Environment Day falls on June 5 which is next Tuesday, so NCDC has opted to celebrate the day early with Saturday’s cleanathon from Boroko to Gordons. 
This is also part of NCDC’s strong commitment to the environment.
Earlier this month, NCDC committed K150,000 to support the government’s ban on plastic bags and other plastic products through the Ministry of Environment and Conservation under its cleaner city campaign.
With the theme for this year’s World Environment Day being ‘Beating Plastic Pollution’ it is a clear statement on how committed NCDC is towards protecting and saving our environment.
City Manager Bernard Kipit said NCDC is right behind the concept and is excited to be doing the major cleanathon this Saturday to mark the special day.
“We have to keep reminding ourselves as city residents to do all we can in keeping our city clean, healthy and safe and beautiful,’ Kipit said.
Governor Parkop appealed to city residents to join him and NCDC by cleaning their suburbs, villages and settlements - to make them clean and beautiful places to live; and to show our commitment to protect our natural God-given environment.
This Sunday’s Walk for Life will also be themed to promote World Environment Day.
Walk for Life commences each week at 5.30am at Murray Barracks and all Port Moresby residents and visitors are invited to attend, it is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle at the same time supporting an important cause.
An open invitation has been extended to staff and the Board of National Forestry Authority, CEPA, Department of Mining and Energy to also join the cleanathon on June 2 and Walk For Life on June 3 - as these are State agencies who can multiply NCDC’s efforts to protect our national environment.
Other Government Departments and agencies, private sector, churches, NGOs and all other stakeholders are also invited to join NCDC in the noble cause of protecting and saving our natural environment.

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