Friday, June 01, 2018

Papua Province donates to PNG earthquake victims

People of Indonesia’s Papua Province on Monday last week handed over five tonnes of food and clothing assistance to earthquake victims in neighbouring Papua New Guinea.

PNG consul-general Geoffrey Wiri  and Samuel Tabuni with soldiers at the border.

The Papua Language Institute (PLI) handed over the items which were collected from Papuans since March.
They included rice, noodles, tea, coffee, canned fish, sugar, milk, water, clothing, toys and balls.
The donated items being loaded onto a truck.

Institute director Samuel Tabuni said the aid was handed over to the PNG Government in the neutral zone of Republic of Indonesia-PNG in Skouw, Jayapura City, on Monday.
The aid was received by PNG consul-general Geoffrey Wiri accompanied by PNG border officer Ashley Wayne.
Samuel Tabuni presents the items to  PNG consul-general Geoffrey Wiri

Tabuni said the Indonesian military provided the vehicle provided the vehicle to transport the aid to the border.
He asked that the items be transported across the border to the needy people.
He said late delivery of aid to PNG was due to limited transportation facilities, considering the location of the earthquake in Hela and Southern Highlands provinces.
“Three months ago, we became sadly aware of the tragedy that struck the Southern Highland and Hela provinces of Papua New Guinea,” he said.
 “Even the people in Jayapura could feel this heavy quake.
“After checking what went on, we found out that our brothers and sisters at the other side of the border were hit by the natural disaster.
“Because of the close connection between the Papua Language Institute and the Papua New Guinea Government developing an international education programme, we feel obliged to help and support the victims of this tragedy as much as possible.
“Due to help of many Indonesian people of the Papua Province, we were able to collect a serious amount of commodities for disaster relief.”
“We hope our help will be received as a gift from our heart.
“Whenever we are confronted by difficulties, we need to stand together and help each other.
“Although we know that our support is far from enough, we want to express our feelings of concern for all the people who had to suffer from this earthquake.
“All of them are in our hearts and prayers.
"Hopefully, the assistance provided can ease the earthquake-affected PNG." 

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