Monday, July 09, 2018

Media training in Talasea District

Australian High Commission

Forty-five women and men from Talasea District in West New Britain Province participated in media training last month to understand the role of media and how it can be used as a platform for communicating their stories and discussing important national issues.
Emma Dimain, Pius Vapolo, Emmanuel Mockley, Marsall Sangsangio and Roselyn Akua during a group session on basic news writing skills in Talasea.

The two-day workshop was held in Kimbe by the Media Development Initiative (MDI), covering basic news writing, setting up and participating in news interviews, social media literacy and understanding the power of media to shape public debate. 

The training was aimed at teaching ordinary citizens how to use media as a means to communicate their stories and express their views to others, including the government, to influence positive change.
Women in Business representative, Cheryl Kisakiu was one of 45 participants who received media training in Talasea from the Australian-supported Media Development Initiative.

Equipped with basic skills to write a media release, Program Coordinator for West New Britain Human Development Institute, Vince Marinduo, said she can now share her program’s success stories – such as training more than 7,000 people in business viability programs in the province – to a wider audience.

“I believe positive change stories, promoted through local media, can promote financial literacy and encourage economic viability in the district and province,” said Ms Marinduo.

The MDI aims to support Papua New Guinea media organisations to facilitate the flow of information between citizens and government and educate civil society organisations about ways of using the media as a platform for communicating their stories and engaging with government.

MDI provides technical assistance and mentoring through three hubs – the District, Current Affairs and Creative hubs. The hubs aim to promote creativity, innovation and networking among members to build and strengthen relationships between the state and citizens through the media.

Hub members include subject experts such as script writers and film makers, community members, local community based organisations, local government and media organisations such as the PNG Media Council, NBC and others. 
Cheryl Kisakiu takes part in a group exercise during media training in Talasea.

MDI is trialling a district hub in Talasea to increase understanding of the role of media and how ordinary citizens can effectively shape and influence change in their communities.

Supported by Australia through the Decentralisation and Citizen Participation Partnership, MDI is managed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation International Development in partnership with Papua New Guinea National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and other media organisations to build capacity, develop quality content and facilitate  platforms for citizens and state to discuss issues of national interest.

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