Saturday, September 29, 2018

PM thanks flight crew and rescuers , caution against rumor and fake news

 Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has expressed his gratitude to the air crew of P2-PXE, and local Micronesians who came to the rescue of passengers, for their quick response in the evacuation

He made the comments after aircraft P2-PXE 'landed short’ yesterday in the Federated States of Micronesia, and warned people on social media to be vigilant
against rumors and fake news.

"Any aircraft crash in any part of the world is alarming, and ultimate concern above
property is the safety of human lives,” O'Neill said.

"I commend the crew of P2-PXE for their swift action to evacuate passengers.

"I especially thank the people of Micronesia who were very quick to move in with boats
to the aircraft and assist passengers as they evacuated.

“Micronesian safety and security services were also swiftly on the scene, and
passengers were quickly assessed and attend to at the hospital.

“We thank our Micronesian brothers and sisters for their response and care following this accident.

“The health of passengers is being monitored and arrangements for temporary accommodation is being arranged, and soon travel will be facilitated to their chosen ports."

O'Neill said the initial concern for the Government and the airline was the
safety and wellbeing of passengers, and people should be wary of misinformation.

“Now is not the time for speculation or rumor, let’s wait for the facts and further
information from the airline.

“Air accident investigators will be undertaking a thorough examination of the incident and the causes being identified.

“I call for people to be careful with what they re-post online.”

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