Tuesday, October 22, 2019

PM Marape: Rule of law to be tightened

Prime Minister James Marape is calling for the tightening of the rule of law, where police are to arrest and imprison those who murder innocent people in his Hela province and the country.

The Prime Minister was addressing his people of Tari-Pori and Hela Province yesterday at the Andaija Oval in Tari. 

He passed his sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the late policeman Sergeant David Hale, who was killed in Tari last week.

PM Marape and his delegation visited the ‘haus krai’ or house of mourning, on Sunday at the Paipali Police Barracks. 

PM Marape visiting the haus krai of the slain police officer on Sunday night. 

During the visit, he made a commitment, announcing Tari-Pori district would take care of the late Hale’s children’s school fees, from primary up to tertiary level.

The Prime Minister, leaders of Tari and Hela Governor Philip Undialu conveyed their deepest sympathies to the immediate family of the deceased.

PM Marape also said not all the people of Tari were bad and only a few with bad attitudes and guns were causing such problems.

He said majority of law-abiding citizens of the country and community are sick and tired of the loss of innocent lives, taken by murderers.

He said law-enforcement agencies and  police should now arrest, charge and lock-up people who drink homebrew and smoke drugs like marijuana, use guns and other weapons to threaten good people in public places and communities.

“People are not happy and are worried about the threats and intimidation from those who continue to cause harm and kill their relatives with guns and bush knives " PM Marape said. 

“I appeal to the people of Tari-Pori and Hela province not to take the law into your own hands and stop the killings. 

“I appeal to you to surrender the guns you have.

“I want to ensure my own people should take the lead in respecting the rule of law.” 

PM Marape said the Government would  ensure the laws were changed to ensure people who killed others should be arrested and sent straight to jail.

He said there would be no more compensation in Tari and Hela as trouble-makers hid behind the scenes and continued to cause trouble and destroy properties and take lives.

“Guns are not only in Tari but all over the country and those who cause trouble must stop,” PM Marape said.

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