Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Young gun of PNG's coffee industey


Young Joe Shelley, 32, is one of the young guns of PNG's coffee industry. 

He is now running  nationally-owned export company, Nowek, after the death of his father, Goroka coffee legend, Terry Shelley, in 2017. 

Joe is a precociously-talented young man who has fitted well into the shoes of his famous dad. 

Joe was in Australia when his father called him back to Goroka and passed on the reins. 

During a recent visit, Joe showed me around the Nowek Coffee Factory at Kamaliki, outside Goroka, and gave his frank views on the  status quo of the industry. 

His major concern is that coffee production is not increasing in PNG. 

Competition among Goroka exporters for the limited coffee available is intense. 

Nowek is helping to alleviate this issue by distributing coffee seedlings free of charge to people who want to get into growing coffee.

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