Tuesday, November 28, 2006


For Immediate Release
20 November 2006

New Generation Party welcomes Commission of Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates in accepting its application as a political entity.

The New Generation Party has welcomed the decision by the Commission of Political Parties and Candidates in accepting its application as a political entity.

The Party, following the announcement, made clear its intention that it will invite the well-respected Lae MP, Hon. Bart Philemon, to lead the party to next year’s election.

The invitation will be made when we enter the grace period for MPs to decide which political party they will join in next year’s election.

It is common knowledge that Mr. Philemon – like Angalimp/South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham – has been held against his will by the dictatorial National Alliance.

A recent online poll conducted by The National newspaper had readers overwhelmingly vote against the National Alliance for holding on to Mr. Philemon against his will.

If this is any yardstick to go by, the people of Papua New Guinea will overwhelmingly vote against the National Alliance in 2007.

The New Generation Party will also welcome like-minded sitting members of Parliament to join us.

An open invitation is also extended to public servants, private sector employees, farmers, informal sector members, grassroots, and other concerned Papua New Guineans – both men and women – to join us.

Our National Convention will be held in Lae on February 17th, 2007, where we will elect our national executives and endorse our candidates for the 2007 election.

The New Generation Party aims to build a strong, vibrant and democratic society for present and new generations, with a strong emphasis on our children.

This is because after three decades as an independent sovereign nation, Papua New Guinea is still a country in turmoil.

Despite its vast natural resources and potential wealth, Papua New Guinea remains poor.

It failed to improve the well-being of the people because of political instability and weak economic management.

Consequently, economic well-being is now little changed since Independence in 1975.

Poverty is pervasive with significant regional disparities, health facilities and education are sub-standard, and unemployment is high as the population growth accelerates.

This pattern must now come to an end.

Papua New Guinea must recover lost ground and advance for the benefit of current and future generations to come.

In this regard, the paramount goal of the New Generation Party is to serve the people of Papua New Guinea to ensure common prosperity and durable improvements in the well being of the people of Papua New Guinea.

The New Generation Party will at all times be guided by the by the National Goals and Directive Principles established in the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and implemented through its duly elected representatives


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