Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New mining and petroleum company

A new 100% nationally-owned company has been formed to assist landowners with their mineral and petroleum assets.

The company, Samuel Were Petroleum, a subsidiary of Bright Star Morning Corporation, is run by Samuel Were, a petroleum geoscientist from the Western province who is a graduate of the University of Papua New Guinea.

The company was dedicated by United Church Reverend Siosi Momoru at a ceremony at the NCD Botanical Gardens presided over by Western Province Governor, Dr Bob Danaya, who commended Mr Were for the grassroots approach he is taking to helping resource owners.

SWP is already involved in 14 mining and petroleum projects in Western, Central, NCD, Morobe, and East and West Sepik provinces.

Mr Were said a second batch of 14 projects in 14 provinces was underway while the third and final batch would include 10 projects in 20 provinces.

He said petroleum and mineral resources already discovered included oil shale, pegmatite, tin, iron, aluminium, beryl, lamprolite (diamond host rocks), manganese, chromites and zinc.

“This means new industries to come to the scene,” Mr Were said.

“All our chemical and laboratory testing is done by ALS Chemex Lab in Brisbane, Australia.”

Governor Danaya, who announced that the Fly River provincial government had secured the services of SWP as its mining and petroleum consultant, said the people of PNG should no longer be spectators on their own land.

“Since the 1900’s, Papua New Guinea has always been the envy of the world because of her huge deposits of mineral and petroleum resources all over the country,” he said.

“Our people have continued to be mere bystanders and/or spectators, only performing the roles of labourers or guiders without realising any tangible benefits as resource owners.

“It is therefore in the interest of our people, particularly the resource owners that they are seen to be proactively involved and/or are supported to participate fully in the earth resource projects from exploration to development stages.

“This must be the ultimate that we must strive to achieve in Papua New Guinea.”

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  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Is Bright Star Morning Corporation a nationally owned company? If not Samuel Were Petroleum, as a subsidary, can not be 100% nationally owned itself.