Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feedback to the Nadzab Airport story

I received this comment from one Larry Kasperek in regards to the Nadzab Airport story below (which has been used previously in this Blog): "The airstrip at Nadzab was built by the 836th Aviation Engineer Battalion.

"They arrived from Lae on Dec. 17, 1943 and spent their first Christmas in the Pacific there.

"In addition to the airstrip, they built a control tower, access roads, laid water pipe to the hospital area and the largest playhouse in thousands of miles, complete with a sound system.
"The John Wayne Show entertained them there.

"Of note in their history was a tea house run by the Australians.

"They departed in March of 1944.

"My father was a member, and they still hold annual reunions."

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