Friday, July 04, 2008

How PNG can benefit from Blogging

How PNG can benefit from Blogging

In my 20-odd years in journalism, I have written hundreds of stories and taken hundreds of photographs on a vast array of subjects, covering everything from rugby league to politics, from Kavieng to Daru.

Many of these articles were written before the age of computers, in the era of typewriters and fax machines, hence could not be saved.

Only after computers and the Internet came on the scene, in the late 1990’s, could these articles be preserved on floppy disks and CDs.

I couple of years ago, as I was cleaning up my house, I was faced with the dilemma of what to do with this myriad of stories and pictures.

Family and friends, particularly my late wife Hula – my greatest fan – had often encouraged me to compile a book of all that I’d written over the years.

After considering all the possibilities, I decided to set up my own Blog on the Internet, featuring my articles and photographs, and with the express purpose of promoting our beloved country Papua New Guinea.

So, I copied some of what I’d written and photographed over the years on a flash drive, and spent long hours on weekends at Internet cafes posting them on my Blog.

Slowly, but steadily, readership of my Blog grew and I started receiving emails from all over the world.

These came from former PNG residents, tourists who wanted to know more about the country, students doing assignments, academics, researchers, businessmen, writers, book publishers, and many, many more.

Needless to say, I’m proud that my Blog has, in one way or another, served to promote PNG around the world and may have brought in an extra kina or two into our coffers.

At the height of the Taiwan scandal earlier this year, I was surprised to receive an email from a leading TV station in Taipei, wanting to know more about Timothy Bonga and Dr Florian Gubon.

The TV station had apparently found my Blog on the Internet!

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As I have mentioned before in this column, several companies and individuals in PNG are profiteering from the ignorance of our little people by charging them huge amounts of money to build a website for their small businesses.

And after being ripped off by these companies, the little people then feel the brunt of paying excessive fees for a domain name, regular rental to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), as well as Internet usage fees to Telikom.

In a small economy, such as that of PNG, small businesses cannot survive with such exorbitant costs.

This should no longer be the case, as it is quick and easy to design a website, such as a Blog, using templates freely available on the Internet, where you do not have to pay for a domain name or ISP rentals.

Your just have to pay for your Internet usage fee at the nearest Internet café if you don’t have Internet access in your office.


  1. Thanks Malum,

    I've started a blog today and i think i might be constant on this one for a while.

    I've started a blog on wordpress and now one here on blogspot. I find it difficult to keep my thoughts on one particular subject cos i wear many hats. But i've settled on one topic and i think i will keep it there.

    Your blog is impressive and informative. It's kind of like reading the newspaper again...hehehe. But i like the pictures.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Malum
    Entering the blogosphere slow and steady. Thanks for leading.