Monday, October 20, 2008

Bulolo website

I’ve found one of the most-beautiful websites on Papua New Guinea, one on Bulolo,

It belongs to former Bulolo resident, Ronald Delvalle, who was born in Lae in 1981.

“Bulolo is a small town found in the mountains of Morobe Province, almost two hours drive from Lae City,” he writes on his Home page.

“Most people who will find this page, have actually lived in Bulolo and have been searching for pictures from the place which at one time or another they called home, as I have.

“Lucky for you I went back to Bulolo recently in April-May of 2007, where I managed to take hundreds of pictures of Bulolo, including the surroundings, as well as Zenag, Wau, and Lae.

“I had included a short photo album of pictures which scanned from my family album of pictures taken at Bulolo International Primary School - unfortunately if you did not already know, the school was burnt down sometime in 2002.

“S0 it was impossible to get my hands on pictures of the school.

“So if you happen to have any pictures of the school, please feel free to email them to me at

“Hope you enjoy strolling down memory lane, as I did, when I took these pictures.

“Feel free to leave a message, for anybody you maybe looking to get in touch with and please don't forget to sign the guestbook!”




  1. Malum, Thank you for including some of my pictures and link to my Website. Hope that it gets alot of exposure in showing the uniqueness of not only Bulolo, Morobe Province but Papua New Guinea as a whole. Keep up the good work, and look forward to checking your blog every now and then.

    Ronald Del Valle

  2. Most welcome Ronald and like you I'm very passionate about Bulolo and Papua New Guinea.