Monday, October 20, 2008

Massive changes in Wau-Bulolo: Governor

Morobe Governor Luther Wenge says the current mining and prospecting going on in Bulolo district will bring about massive changes to the historical mining towns of Wau and Bulolo.

He said they have been nominated by the Morobe provincial government as among the growth centres of the province,

“All I can say is Hidden Valley and Wafi mines will no doubt bring substantial change to the face of Bulolo and Wau towns,” Mr Wenge said today (Monday, October 20, 2008).

“In fact, we have a 15-year plan starting from 1997-2012, and in the plan, among other things, there will be growth centres in Morobe province.

“We’ve nominated Wau, Bulolo, Finschhafen and Mutzing.

“These centres will provide services like banks, hospitals, education, factories and others.

“At the moment, everyone is coming to Lae for these services.

“It costs the people money to come to Lae.

“When we develop the growth centres, people will stay back and develop these areas

“Wau and Bulolo will also serve parts of the Huon Golf; Finschhafen will serve Tewai/Siassi and Kabwum; while Mutzing will serve the Markham Valley, Nawaeb and parts of the Highlands.

“These growth centres will help in the implementation of this Morobe provincial government policy.”


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