Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lutheran youth programme gaining momentum

Caption: Lutheran youth director Faen Mileng

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG’s youth programme is rapidly gaining momentum, according to national youth director Faen Mileng.

This includes an agreement with the National Law and Justice Committee Secretariat whereby it provides funding for Lutheran youths to distribute law and order awareness material.

“The church has this youth programme called five-star programme,” Mr Mileng explained.

“The five stars are strongim bilip (strengthen the faith), kirapim gutpela sindaun (create wellbeing), mekim work sios (do the work of the church), skruim save (learn more) and gutpela hamamas (happiness).

“Under this programme, we try to work with the young people in things such as Bible study, which are very important.

“We also have leadership training.

“One of the things we are trying to encourage is the ‘Christ in culture show’, where we have traditional activities, but with the message of Jesus.

“We are working on carrying out the programme effectively in all the districts.

“Recently, we met an official from the National Law and Justice Committee Secretariat, Mr Joe Kanekane, and they will provide us with funding to distribute their law and order material.

“This is one of our major achievements.”

Mr Mileng said each church district had its own conference starting from congregation level to circuit, district and national.

He solely runs the youth office at ELCPNG headquarters at Ampo in Lae with the assistance of volunteers.


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