Sunday, November 23, 2008

Siaguru blasts government for wastage

UNIVERSITY of Vudal vice chancellor Professor Phillip Siaguru (pictured) has expressed dissatisfaction with government departments continuously working in isolation from each

other thus duplicating financial resources unnecessarily.

He raised this concern last Friday at the graduation ceremony of seven students with their pioneer diplomas in fisheries and marine resource management at the Kavieng campus of the National Fisheries College.

“One of Papua New Guinea’s major problems is greed,” Prof Siaguru said.

“Each government department does its own thing and creates a lot of duplication.

“A country that is united must work alongside and support each other to achieve betterment for the nation

“A country that is united within can ride the external economic and political pressures much more comfortably, than a country that is disunited with each government department doing its own thing.

“I am proud to attest that the National Fisheries College, Office of Higher Education and University of Vudal have begun a united training model that must be appreciated and used as a guide so that other governments should also come together and use training resources for the betterment of the country.”

Prof Siaguru revealed that other initiatives by the UoV to work collaboratively with the Department of Mines to students Papua New Guineans for the Rabaul Volcano Observatory and the Department of Education for Kokopo Business College “have bogged down because of greed from within”.

“These government departments have been making excuses after excuses and have been stalling plans for collaborative joint training of PNG’s human resources,” he said.

“Such lack of foresightedness to work together by the bureaucracy will multiply and duplicate financial resources unnecessarily, finance which this country cannot afford to waste.

“The fisheries and marine resource programme is a fine example of good, sound and focused effort from National Fisheries Authority, GTZ, Office of Higher Education and the University of Vudal.

“Seven young graduands of this college will leave today to take their place in society to give back to a nation that has fed, accommodated and trained them.”





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