Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tabubil women's fellowship group travels to Malalo, Morobe province


A letter of appeal for donation was written by Evangelical Lutheran Church Malalo circuit gejamsaoc (women’s group) to Tabubil Lutheran church women’s fellowship to support them in their dream to build a women’s resource centre.

The Tabubil women’s fellowship agreed to support this project and with the help of the executive of the Tabubil Lutheran church sent a delegation of 12 women and three men leaders.

On October 10, the group traveled to Lae by plane from Tabubil, and then by sea to Buakap village.

The visit also coincided with the ELC Malalo Circuit Wokmeri conference which was held at Kisiwaga Parish, Busamang village.

Upon arrival at the resource centre at Buakap, the gejamsaoc group from Buakap congregation welcomed the delegation with a traditional dabol singsing through a gate set up on the beach.

On the Saturday, October 11, the delegation was invited to Kisiwaga parish, Busamang village, to attend the women’s conference with the rest of the Malalo circuit.

Upon arrival at Busamang village by dinghy, the delegation was welcomed by the Kisiwaga parish gejamsaoc group with mulmul and siac singsings.

In the evening, the Tabubil women’s fellowship group gave K2, 700 to Malalo circuit hetmeri, who reciprocated with 15 bilums.

On Sunday, October 12, the delegation had Sunday service hosted by Buakap.

In the evening, the delegation was entertained to a siac singsing by the villagers.

On Monday, October 13, the delegation climbed up the hill to visit Malalo circuit mission station to see the centennial plaques that were set up in October 2007.

The Tabubil Malalo group and the Tabubil Lutheran congregation contributed funds towards the celebration and the memorial plaques last year.

When the delegation returned from the mission station, a small shake handshake offer was performed between the delegation and the executive of the Malalo circuit gejamsaoc which raised K300 for the centre.

In the afternoon, the delegation took two dinghy trips to Laugui, Salamaua, to visit the Laugui gejamsaoc group.

The delegation was surprised to be welcomed by the Laugui women’s singsing group through a gate followed by exchange of speeches, and then presentation of bilums.

The delegation left Laugui for the conference centre at Buakap to a traditional welcome of sea water showering by the circuit gejamsaoc group.

A pig was then slaughtered for a feast.

Almighty God has Blessed the trip as everything was executed as planned without any major problems.

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