Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Young people are confirmed

Captions: 1. Proud parents Erica and Golonso Buase with son Bingmalu after his confirmation last Sunday. 2. The young people with Pastor Qogi Zonggoreng after being confirmed at Good Sheperd Lutheran Church in Koki last Sunday.

A total of 27 young men and women were confirmed as members of the Lutheran Church at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at Koki in Port Moresby last Sunday.

Relatives and families gathered at Koki for the occasion, which was followed by feasts, to celebrate one of the most-important rites of the Lutheran faith.

The confirmation also coincided with Reformation Sunday, which is celebrated by Lutherans all over the world, to commemorate the reforms started by Martin Luther in 1517.

Confirmation marks the completion of the congregation’s programme of confirmation ministry, a period of instructions in the Christian faith as professed in the teachings of the Lutheran Church.

Those who have completed this programme were made members of the church in baptism.

Confirmation includes a public profession of the faith into which the candidates were baptized, thus underscoring God’s action in their baptism.


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