Sunday, December 28, 2008

Development is yourself

A thought just came to my mind this morning with New Year just a few days away.

All too often, Papua New Guineans are very quick to point fingers at the government, for anything that goes wrong.

Papua New Guinea just celebrated 33 years of independence on Tuesday, September 16, 2008, and it is now time to look at ourselves rather than forever pointing fingers at the government.

Sure, the government isn’t made up of saints, and politicians and public servants have committed so many sins since September 16, 1975.

Development, I have always believed, is yourself.

If I develop myself, my neighbour will emulate my successes and so on, a never-ending circle of success.

Papua New Guinea, however, will continue to wallow in the depths of despair if we continue holding on to our bad habits.

They are, to name a few:

1.      Consumption of alcohol

2.      Smoking

3.      Chewing of betelnut

4.      Laziness

5.      Criminal activities

6.      Use of drugs, in particular, marijuana

7.      Gambling

8.      Beliefs in sorcery

9.      Wantok system

10.  Procastination


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