Sunday, January 11, 2009

InterOil fuel supply to Wewak and potential tidal-affected zones

PORT MORESBY: The Wewak fuel supply situation has arisen due to unusual conditions (sea swell associated with the December King Tides) that made it impossible to safely berth the InterOil Products (IPL) supply vessel to discharge fuel to the depot just before Christmas.

 At least four attempts were made to safely berth the vessel, the most recent after sailing to Manus to discharge fuel there before returning to Wewak to try and berth again. Following the unsuccessful attempts to safely berth the vessel during December, it was necessary for the vessel to depart Wewak to make deliveries to other ports that were about to run out of fuel completely after the long delays incurred at Wewak.

 To reduce the impact of the supply shortage in Wewak, IPL has arranged for containers of drums to be sent from our Lae and Madang Terminals and also rationed the remaining fuel in Wewak until the supply vessel can next sail into Wewak.

The vessel has a voyage cycle of typically 23 days to deliver fuel to all of IPL's Ports in PNG and Wewak has to be towards the end of the voyage due to the available draft (depth of water) in Wewak.

At present, the supply vessel is next due to sail into Wewak on / around the 13th January when we hope that the tide and sea swell conditions will be favourable for the vessel to berth safely.

 In respect of the general enquiry regarding fuel arrangements for areas potentially affected by the predicted unusual tides in the first half of January, IPL has completely filled the vessel on the current voyage to provide as much fuel as possible in our storage tanks at all ports.

The media will continue to be kept well informed of developments as they unfold.

For further in formation please contact

Susuve Laumaea

Senior Manager - Media Relations

InterOil Corporation

Ph: 321 7040

Mobile: 684 5168



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