Sunday, January 11, 2009

Port Moresby morgue continues to stink

And our social problems continue to build up as the government turns a blind eye


The Port Moresby General Hospital Morgue continues to stink with a terrible stench spreading over a 1km radius yesterday as bodies were removed from a ‘shipping container’ morgue to a new one donated by hospital chairman Sir Brian Bell.

The stench of the decomposing bodies has people in the vicinity holding on to their noses to avoid the terrible smell.

National Capital District Commission says it will bury the unclaimed bodies en masse this week after publishing the names of the dead in the daily newspapers.

And all this time, the silence of the government over this issue, and others since the beginning of this year, has been deafening.

The people of Papua New Guinea want the government to publicly come out on:

  • The Port Moresby General Hospital Morgue issue;
  • The burning issue of corruption;
  • Reports that Port Moresby is one of the ‘murder capitals’ of the world;
  • Grenades and rocket launchers being found on planes;
  • The burning ‘execution’ of a young woman in Mount Hagen last week.
  • The murder of Air Niugini pilot Timothy Houji on New Year’s Day;
  • Increasing sorcery-related killings all over the country;
  • Increasing compensation claims all over the country; and
  • Many, many, more.

The government has to publicly admit now that its education and health system is in a mess.

It is now the gut feeling of many Papua New Guineans that the government, in its mad rush for independence, has failed miserably to look after our education and health systems over the last 33 years.

This is why the country is in such a mess right now.


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