Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baki thanks Chinese Government for assistance

Police Commissioner Gari Baki thanked the Chinese Government yesterday for donating 10 computers to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.
Mr Baki said: “Computers are essential to the daily administration and operation of the police force and the contribution from the Chinese government would help to maintain logistical sustainability, within the department.
 “I am grateful because we need computers to proficiently run our daily administration and operations.
“Computers are not only expensive but are delicate software. 
“They easily become outdated and are prone to malfunction over time.”
Commissioner Baki added: “The Constabulary has spent millions of kina over the years to equip and maintain its computer assets in police stations nationwide and such generous assistance would greatly help to reduce the cost of replacing its old ones. 
“These assets are important to our work and we are grateful to receive such items from our generous friends.
“We appreciate the kind gesture of the Chinese government and Chinese Ambassador Wei Ruixing.
“We will utilise these assets meaningfully in our duty as a law enforcement agency.”
 The computers will be used at Bomana Police College for training purposes and at Police Headquarters for administrative purposes.



  1. Now that this Police guys have a computer.

    Welcome late?, oh computer age is long Gone?
    Some one else to buy your necessity!
    Sem pasin tu yah.

  2. Our police force is technologically way behind the rest of the world.

    A tech-savvy force should have been the norm at least a decade ago.