Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Security guard arrested for carrying gun

Police have issued a stern warning to security firms to refrain from carrying and exposing hire powered firearms in public without reasonable excuse or face the risk of prosecution.

Director of Crimes acting Chief Superintendent Donald Yamasombi made this call after detectives arrested and charged a security guard in Port Moresby for carrying a firearm without a license on February 18.

Police alleged the defendant Eliakim Ekope, 30 from Keregia village,  Finschhafen in the Morobe province,  was carrying a Morsberg 12-gauge pump action shotgun, serial number L527415, without reasonable excuse at SVS Harbour Supermarket in Konedobu.

Police seized his employer’s gun license and detained him after discovering that Ekope was only specifically authorised to carry a Sig 9mm pistol serial number 0030373.

Mr Yamasombi said gun licenses issued to security firms are specifically for armed escorts in the transfer of cash and other valuables and security personnel should not carry guns while on static guard duties.

They should not carry high powered weapons without reasonable excuse in public view and cause unnecessary fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of ordinary citizens.

He warned that police would be monitoring the way all civilians were handling their licensed firearms to ensure all gun owners observe the country’s gun laws.



Donald Yamasombi

Director Crimes

Police Headquarters


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