Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bulolo and Wau website


Wau and Bulolo are two of the prettiest and most-historic towns in Papua New Guinea with picturesque rolling hills and snaking rivers – which if they could speak – would tell you so much.

In the rivers and creeks, village miners are quietly sifting a fortune in gold dust, using crude wooden sluices made from bush materials and cheap metal pans.

The discovery of gold at Edie Creek above Wau in 1926 sparked off a gold rush of massive proportions which led to the exploitation of the rich deposits of the Bulolo-Watut river system by large-scale mechanised mining.

The Bulolo region was at the time one of the largest gold fields in the world.

A total of seven dredges scoured the valley floor, dredging thousands of tones of high grade gold-bearing ore.

And you can see the natural beauty and panorama of Wau and Bulolo – indeed God’s country – by visiting this website





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