Wednesday, March 04, 2009

'Green Chip' Somare or is it 'Grand Chief' Somare?

Story and picture by JASON SOM KAUT


There was a buzz of activity in Enga with everyone busy.

Wabag Primary School students apparently, with teacher supervision, decorated the school for the ‘Grand Chief’s’ historical visit last Thursday.

They had different coloured balloons with welcome messages hanging everywhere.

‘Welcome to Enga NEC (National Executive Council), etc...

But one of these balloons read: “Welcome ‘Green Chip’ to Enga” when it should it should have read “Welcome ‘Grand Chief’ to Enga”.

Either very stupid or very clever with all the talk of Green Revolution and technological age of micro and computer chips...mmm.





  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Or a genuine message from a person who doesn't know how to spell? This article has been doing its rounds via email. When I saw the ballon my immediate thought was of sincerity. Maybe someone was genuinely welcoming the Grand Chief in his own little way.


  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Now I see why Chief decided to sneak out of Enga. It was not because of Ipatas's verbal attack due to the distribution of millions of Kina.

    But PNG is still waiting for PM to tell us the reason of his childish behavior.

    If I were the PM then I would have a day rally in Goroka, next day rally in Chimbu, the following day in Mt Hagen and finally in Mendi before the NEC meeting in Enga. Give chance to all highlands province to have the feel of NEC. At the end of the day, the government is for the people. Thus, killing whole 5 birds with one stone should be the priority.

    Security reasons? Unless you steal peoples money!

    Mathew yakai

  3. Bit harsh calling someone "very stupid" over this misspelling. I wonder if the Grand Chief noticed? But then again, I wonder if he noted that the signwriter at the roundabout near Foodworld recently spelt the Grand Chief's name "Micheal"???

    I agree with Finah that I felt that the balloons message was sincere. Perhaps it reflects the quality of Education in the district? Something that the Grand Chief could be actively trying to improve?