Thursday, June 25, 2009

J-Mart Erima is PNG's 'shopping heaven'

J-Mart Erima offers 2,500 square metres of “shopping heaven”, the newest and most-mordern hypermarket in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea in 2009.
Everything you see both inside and outside of the store is of the very best, the latest and most-advanced.
Everything from the cash counters, point of sale systems, shelving, staff headquarters, closed circuit TV and security system, cash transfer system, computer hardware and software are what’s setting J-Mart well ahead in the industry.
It also prides itself as an environmentally-friendly shop which uses 100% certified biodegradable shopping bags.
As you walk towards the main door, you will see a 6m-high J-Mart sign, which is especially fabricated with hundreds of LED lights to light up J-Mart at night.
You will also find panels of billboards which are sponsored by leading supplier companies and branded products in PNG.
Once you step in to the front door, what’s in front of you is spacious shopping, with various departments under the one roof.
From the entrance, you will find the food court on the left with 60-seating space area and an endless food selection that is accompanied by a wide selection of drinks and ice cream.
The food court, reminiscent of J-Mart Taurama, offers J-Mart Big Breakfast on its menu which consists of bacon or ham, baked beans or fried rice, sausage and toasted bread with complementary condiments for K13.90.
Also new to the menu is chicken adobe with chicken marinated and stewed slowly to bring out the flavours and spices and service with freshly-cooked rice.
Spaghetti bolognaise is highly praised for its tastes with spaghetti cooked al dente – an Italian cooking term referring to pasta – and served hot..
Succulent roasted chicken or best-tasting stew of beef, lamb or curry is also hot on the menu.
What I particularly liked bout J-Mart Erima was its electronics section - where you can find the latest electronic gadgets a’la Singapore, Hong Kong or Taipei – which will simply blow you away.
First up you will see the latest and fullest section of local music, which shows how big a supporter of local music J-Mart is.
The glass displays are fully stocked up with laptop computers and computer parts, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, CDs and DVDs.
As you walk around electronic displays you will find style watches, clocks, walkmans and earphones.
The electronics section also has DVD players, stereo systems, speakers, TVs and a great selection of high-end products such as plama TV for those who strive for the best.
The Phonetech kiosk is the authorised dealer and reseller for Digicel, Telikom and bemobile, and carries a full range of Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blueberry, Sony Ericsson, Konka and Motorola phones as well as all the accessories that go with them.
I also liked the range of clothing on offer, with J-Mart Erima proclaiming itself to be the “best fashion capital in Port Moresby”.
An in-house pharmacist for your health and medical needs, as well as personalised assistance on your hair, body and beauty makes it stand out amongst the crowd.
A well-stocked liquor shop, fresh fruit and vegetables, various choice cuts of meat, seafood, an in-house bakery, Asian grocery, various brands of rice and flour, canned goods, personal hygiene needs, toys, Manchester goods, footwear and material such as cotton, rayon, silk and satin make J-Mart Erima indeed the shop with the widest variety in PNG.

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