Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An untitled poem

Not so long ago

We had it all;

Didn't we?


You carried my smile

You had my love

In the palm of your hand;

Our hearts were one.


In a rush of blood;

Like a stroke of a paintbrush

the colours of the rainbow

From brightness and vibrance of love


To the pales of pain

Echos of despair


I now read between the lines

So much is said, without an utter.

Your eyes; look distant

Your body language,

Tone of your voice

Your hands are hard and cold

I breathe heavy, shunned and wounded.


I can't undo the damage caused

But I know for sure

I want you even though I betrayed you.

Do tell me, your heart is still mine

Soothe me with your tender touch

Make sense of my madness.

I am sure, I found out

You are the one I want.



If I could

I'd make it alright

And I'd never hurt you

By hurting you, the one I love

I tore down my sanctuary

I fell apart at the seam.

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