Friday, October 16, 2009

Gurias' proud track record

Caption: The Gurias arriving at Kokopo with the then SP Cup in 2005


The NGIP Agmark Gurias (previously under different names) have been participating in the PNG intercity rugby league competion since its inception in 1990.

 Recruitments over the years have included the likes of John Waka, Kom Rumints, Peter Dun, Stanley Sukot, Menzie Yere, Opisa Pomba, Michael Angra, Ricky Sibiya, Michael Marum, Tuksy Karu, Chris Lome, Baltasa Lome, Raynold Balele, Dusty Mockley, Jessie Alunga, Andrew Buka, Rolly Matalau, Daniel Kulmat, Velarin Akeria, James Soatsin, Stanis Kale, Kelly Nopi and Giamuki Tau. 

Many of these players have either represented the Kumuls in the past or advanced on to represent the Kumuls.    

Gurias have had a good record over the history of the PNG Intercity Rugby League Competition, formerly known as the SP Cup, now known as the bemobile Cup.

 The Gurias’ proud history includes the following;


·        1999    -    Runners up                         Coached by Jeff Wade

·        2000    -    Runners up                         Coached by Jeff Wade

·        2001    -    Premiers                             Coached by Jeff Wade

·        2003    -    Premiers SP Shield  Coached by Michael  Marum with Wesley Wynm co-coach

·        2004    -    Runners Up SP Shield       Coached by Michael Marum with Wesley Wynm co-coach

·        2005    -    Premiers                             Coached by Norm Norris (NGIP Agmark took over)

·        2006    -    Finished 3rd                        Coached by Norm Norris

·        2007    -    Runners up                          Coached By Michael Marum

·        2008    -    Finished 4th                        Coached by Michael Marum


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