Friday, October 16, 2009

Muscleman David Mugarenang

Muscleman David Mugarenang, from Finschhafe, Morobe province, flexing his muscles at a bemobile Cup grand final dinner at the Crowne Plaza in Port Moresby last night.
Australian rugby league refereeing legend, Bill Harrigan, who will control Sunday's grand final between Enga Mioks and Rabaul Gurias, was the guest at the dinner and reminisced on his long and colouful career as a whistle-blower.


  1. Man! That guy has never given up. He has been around the bodybuilding arena for some good number of years. I first heard his name when I was at Balob Trs College in 1992 - 1994. He still is in great form!

  2. David,

    The guy is ageless. I remember him from more than 10 years ago in Lae.