Monday, October 26, 2009

Nambawan Super gears up for another office complex

Amidst the shortage of office space in Port Moresby, Nambawan Super is gearing up for a new A-grade standard commercial office development in which construction is being planned for mid 2010.
The six-storey building, which will have a key unique feature with a design that will be based on ‘environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles or more commonly known as a ‘green’ building,  may become the first of its kind built in the country.
The new building,  to cost K60 million,  will be built alongside the Hubert Murray Highway opposite the Murray Barracks and takes up space that was formerly the Taurama Squash Courts.
Nambawan Super will be moving its offices to the new building and will take up two floors, while the other floors will be allocated for either commercial office space
and or services.
The new office complex will include five levels of commercial office space, ground floor of lobby and retail space and two levels of basement parking.
The building design will include a central atrium running the full height of the
building in order to enhance and provide natural daylight to all the office floors, as well as allowing fresh air circulation to improve indoor air quality and environment.
The atrium also allows for interconnecting communications stairs between floors to enhance flexibility and connectivity of the office environment.
Among other ESD initiatives being considered in the building plan will be to incorporate
extensive sunshade to the facades and developing a management system to manage all the building services systems such as the monitoring of energy use, and water recycling.
The total development will be 5500 sq m with each typical commercial office floor covering 1000 sq m.
The architect and the design consultant team will soon be appointed to start work on the design of the office complex while tender for a builder is expected to be announced next year in order to select a builder to begin construction work.
The total development,  which includes design, planning authority approvals, tendering and construction will take about 29 months to complete and should be available for tenancy by early 2012.

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