Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dangerous criminals on the loose in Port Moresby

William Kapris
Peter Plesman
Oliver Ben Gabi
Kito Aso
John Siko Wel
James Pari
Greg Wawa

All of Papua New Guinea’s most-dangerous criminals have escaped from the country’s highest maximum security unit at Bomana jail, outside Port Moresby, yesterday morning and were still on the run last night, The National reports.
The 12 prisoners included three who are on death row, a serial rapist and William Kapris, the mastermind in a series of armed bank robberies.
The National Security Advisory Committee summoned Correctional Services Commissioner Richard Sikani for a briefing yesterday afternoon, saying it was a national security issue.
According to Mr Sikani, the National Security Advisory Committee will be meeting today to institute an independent investigation while the CS will carry out its own.
The escape appeared to be well planned and involved a woman “lawyer” who managed to breach all security procedures to smuggle in a gun and empty the maximum security unit of its occupants at about 10am.
Acting Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga said police had a mammoth task on hand to recapture more than 150 prisoners who escaped from PNG jails in the past 12 months, including 40 from Bomana last October.
Police warned of increased criminal activities in Port Moresby and warned that anyone found aiding, abetting or harbouring the escapees would face the full force of the law.
As news of the daring escape spread, the Business Council of PNG said in a widely-circulated email to its members to take extra precautions when moving in and around Port Moresby because some of the escapees were dangerous.
The maximum security unit at Bomana was undermanned at the time of the escape, Correction Service Commissioner Richard Sikani said.


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Thanks for the update. Wonder if it is worth it to post up photographs of those escapees in public notices for the general public to be aware of and make it easier to identify them. Just a thought.

  2. I suggest readers of this post click on each picture, copy it to their computers, and make print outs to be hung up in public spaces. We all have a noble obligation for a safer and better Papua New Guinea instead of danegrous criminals hanging loose.

  3. Alaia Sibona2:25 PM

    A good idea Malum. The police must also put up a most wanted criminal posters with wanted dead or alive notices up with a reward, so people can track them down to capture them.

    A good reward will get their own savage wantoks in the settlements to kill them for reward. They must be hunted down and killed like the dogs they are to make our community safe. They are now as good as dead when a frustrated police catch up with them.

  4. Al Kapone2:32 PM

    Our gang has their pictures now so are now going after them to do the community a service by getting rid of these scums.

  5. Go for it. All Papua New Guinea must now combine with joint Neighbourhood Watch. a vigilante approach must be taken.

  6. James Pari was the one behind the infamous rape and muder of Australian helicopter pilot Heather Mitchell in Lae in 1986, a crime that shocked Papua New Guinea and the world.

    1. He was released on license for that brutal killing, went back in for the rape of a child.. Sick does not come close to describing him.

  7. Anonymous11:12 AM

    PNG is too gutless and bound by wantok nepotism to ever actually carry out excutions. Too many lawyers corrupt the legal system which is a pathetic joke for which the innocent public have to suffer. I was nearly killed by raskals in Lae a few years ago and the police went out and found them and shot them dead on the spot. They will never again commit any offences and terrorise and murder innocent local persons or tourists.Raskals are gang raping their own PNG women and children and deserve to be shot dead on the spot rather that the joke of sending them to a gaol. Mi tasol- Makis

  8. I agree. I've been waiting for many years for an execution to be carried out, however, noone in this country has the guts to do it. I'll never forget what James Pari did to Heather Mitchell in Lae, and the shame it brought this country. All these men need to be shot dead to make PNG a safer place...why wait many years for a hangman that never comes?

  9. john pasquarelli2:12 PM

    wanted dead or alive - just delete 'or alive'

  10. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Totally agree John. And if the police don't shoot them, let the public do and claim a reward. PNG would be a much, much better place without these scum.

  11. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Escaped???? or let out!!! The mess of PNG will never be resolved when you have foreign money invested for mining.

  12. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I hope you publish the top shots who are allegedly behind this and I hope they get flogged by the Police just like any other suspects.