Monday, April 05, 2010

Ok Tedi mining workers on strike

Workers at the giant Ok Tedi mine in the Western province of Papua New Guinea have been on strike since last Friday for better working conditions.

The management, however, is refusing to negotiate with workers through their union representatives until all workers return to work, according to a reliable source at the mine.

This has aggravated the situation with workers warning that they would not return to work until they got a positive response or course of action from management regarding various issues, the Shares in Success Scheme (SISS) payment amongst them.

The workforce instigated this strike  ahead of the Allied Workers Union, whose representatives were in Port Moresby to register the strike action.

OTML management says: "Clause 4 (c) of the Industrial Agreement states:4 (c) The union commits to utilize the legislated and agreed procedures in place for the resolution of all concerns and disputes and commits to no illegal industrial action or disruption for the duration of the agreement.

 "As no grievance disputes procedures have been initiated, clearly these employees are in breach of the Industrial Agreement and therefore their industrial action is therefore illegal.

"This has been confirmed to OTML by the Industrial Registrar."

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  1. They were so inhuman conditions there, they sure needed the strike for better conditions.