Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Positive impact by Chinese experts at agriculture college

Captions: 1. From left are  HAC farm manager Logan Pyapowa, upland rice expert Zhang Baozin, vegetable expert Chen Guangxu and Xin Zongbao inspecting some rice varieties on trial.2. Farm manager Logan Pyapowa points out something while having discussions with the Chinese experts. Team Leader Xin Zongbao is on the left.



The presence of a Chinese technical cooperation team at the Highlands Agricultural College has been a boost to staff and students.

The team of specialists arrived in the country late last year and has been providing technical support to the farmer training programme conducted by the college and other related activities.

The team’s objective is to address food security issues through training programmes and use of appropriate technology.

So far its technical co-operation assistance has benefited both the college students and trainees and farmers.

Team leader Xin Zongbao said his team of six specialists brought with them farming equipment including tractor, rice threshers, milling machines and huller.

They planted four different varieties of rice from China on trial basis and will be multiplying the rice seeds and after harvesting and milling, will get the people to taste the rice.

He said the trial plots looked promising at this stage and further evaluation would be carried out to select the most-suitable variety in terms of production, taste, fewer pest and disease and consumer preference.

The team is also working on a number of vegetable trials.

HAC, operated by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, is appreciative of the collaborative work being carried out with the Chinese team.

Farm director Logan Pyapowa said the Chinese had been working closely with staff and students and as a result there were positive changes in the college.

“We are learning a lot from the Chinese specialists, especially on having positive attitudes towards our work,” he said.

“They are very hard working they will continue working until the task is completed, spending long hours in the field.

“We really appreciate working with the Chinese team.

“We are also learning other things such as maintenance of farming equipment.

“I do not regret working side-by-side and learning from the Chinese.”

Mr Zongbao said he believed that there was a lot of potential for rice production especially upland rice in the Highlands region.

He is confident that the current rice trials at the college will prove successful and suitable varieties can be distributed to farmers for transplanting.

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