Monday, April 12, 2010

UNRE addresses seven pillars of Vision 2050

Captions: Vice Chancellor Prof Philip Siaguru addresses the UNRE graduation in Vudal last Friday


The University of Natural Resources and Environment in Vudal, east New Britain province, is addressing all seven pillars of the Government’s Vision 2050, according to Vice Chancellor Prof Philip Siaguru.

This is what places the UNRE in good stead for the future, he said at the university’s graduation last Friday.

Prof Siaguru said despite all the hype about liquefied natural gas and other non-renewable resources, these would all be gone one day, and the cash generated from these should be invested in Papua New Guinea’s vast and rich renewable resources sector.

“Hence, in this University of Natural Resources and Environment, we have made it our business to build this task into our vision and mission, so that al arms of this university, together with our likeminded partners such as the National Fisheries Authority, must stay focused on the primary task of alleviating poverty, reducing displaced cultures, and most importantly through agricultural and fishing skills, keep providing food security to the critical masses,” he said.

“The very basic reason youths and those displaced in the community steal and kill is because they are hungry, they are deprived of a very-basic but significant need.

“The university’s vision, which is ‘sustaining the livelihood of critical masses through education’, was carefully woven into the university’s task because this institution believes in empowering communities to help themselves.

“We believe our professionally-trained graduates will drive this vision and multiply it on for its worth, beyond today, beyond what the two Sirs, and former and one current Prime Minister (Sir Michael Somare and Sir Rabbie Namaliu) seated here have started.

“We must begin by empowering the communities to be self-reliant and bolster food security in households and fishing lots.

“We must rearrange their attitude through education by providing that confidence in farmers so that they can lift from the mentality of waiting for government services and assistance, and propel themselves towards being self-reliant.”

Prof Siaguru said the focus should be shifted from training for jobs to that of job creation.

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