Monday, April 12, 2010

Prime Minister opens new UNRE buildings

Captions: 1. Sir Michael with Tropicana owner Sandra Lau at the Vision 2050 Library. 2. Plaque at the new Vision 2050 Library. 3: Vision 2050 Library plaque. 4: Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare opens the UNRE’s new administration building which is named after him. 5: Plaque at UNRE’s new administration building


Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare opened two new buildings at the University of Natural Resources and Environment in Vudal, East New Britain province, last Friday.

 Sir Michael opened the UNRE’s new Vision 2050 Library which was built at a cost of about K500, 000 and its new administration building which is named after him and built at a cost of about K1.5million.

 He opened the buildings immediately after officiating at the UNRE graduation.

 The library extension and upgrading was completed with a K100, 000 donation from leading Kokopo business house, Tropicana, through its owners John and Sandra Lau, while UNRE chipped in with K400, 000.

 Work started on the new library in the middle of 2009 and was completed at the end of the year.

 The problem of a cramped library from the old days of UNRE as Vudal Agricultural College is now a thing of the past with students now having more space for study in air-conditioned and carpeted furnishings.

 There are more study tables and space for library staff has also been improved.

 The administration building, named after Sir Michael, was completed in 2008 with staff moving in last year.

 It houses the offices of Vice Chancellor, public relations, registrar, human resources, planning and internal auditor.

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