Monday, May 31, 2010

Government is powerless


TILL the Government wakes up and sees the truth,  Papua New Guinea will slip further into the African tube.
Recent decision and action by the government to enact a law preventing environmental lawsuit is unconstitutional.
Unless Waigani shows that the amendment law is in the public interest, it will lose any integrity it may have.
The public interest is a politically-sensitive notion in any nation.
In PNG, the politics of miners and their power of money are public interests the government must protect.
On the other hand, public interest in developed countries os about protecting people, environment and tax among others.
Recent decisions and actions of leaders in Canada, USA and Australia are exemplary.
Stopping litigation will only open PNG to more scrutiny.
This means the Government enacted a law that is not in the public interest as it does not protect the people and their way of life.

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