Friday, May 14, 2010

Papua New Guinea democracy hangs in the balance


Papua New Guinea democracy recently raised its head and asked to be recognised with the public demonstrations over the Maladina Amendments in Moresby and Lae. But will this activity achieve any lasting effect?
Clearly it is the intention of PM Somare to just sit tight and let the storm pass over. He has claimed that as Parliament has already passed the Maladina Amendment, it is too late to listen to the will of the people.
Along with the 'adjournment of Parliament, the Moti Report and many other previous examples, Somare is now depending on the traditional PNG custom of noisy talkfest's and moribund inaction to continue to allow him to rule unmolested.
Is there no one who will bring the problem to a head? Will he be allowed to get away with it again?
The longer it goes without continually following up on the public sentiment expressed in the demonstrations and in signing of the petitions, the easier it will be for Somare to sweep it all under the carpet yet again.

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