Friday, May 14, 2010

Ramu mine debacle


Based on information on the website below, it now appears the Papua New Guinea government knew about the effects of the waste disposal process of the Ramu mine yet chose not to release the report.
Exactly what does that say about the PNG government?

Ramu Nickel Mine Watch

May 13, 2010

Secret government report says mine dumping flawed

An unpublished report commissioned by the PNG government from the Scottish Association of Marine Science, states that the submarine tailings disposal by the Ramu nickel mine could have widespread environmental impacts.

The PNG government has refused to release the report findings, but a copy was given to a surprised Deputy Prime Minister, Puka Temu, by Rai Coast landowners on Monday when they also presented him with a 7,500 signature petition against the marine dumping.
The SAMS report says the mine waste will not lie dormant on the sea floor, as claimed by the Chinese State owned Ramu mine, but will be widely dispersed in the Vitiaz Strait, notably towards Madang and Kakar Island and across Astrolobe Bay
The publication of these findings will also come as a serious embarrassment to Madang governor, Arnold Amet, whose home village is on Kakar Island.
The Report also assesses the environmental impact of marine waste dumping at two other PNG mines, Lihir and Misima, and finds there has been significant damage.
For Lihir the report finds "an unambiguous demonstration that ongoing DSTP has major impacts on the abundance and community structure of meio- and macrofauna, extending to water depths of at least 2020 m".
While at Misima, "significant tailings impacts are still apparent 13 years after the cessation of DSTP".

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Ask a Rolf Braun an EU adviser at MRA who was formerly with DEC as adviser. Why he and EU wanted MRA to be in operation though illegally before independent study to verify DSTP. And then it cost K1000.00 or so registration fee for PNG nationals to attend a presentation of the findings in Madang. Were Rolf Braun, EU and MRA hiding truth from the people by making it prohibitive for them to attend and know the truth about DSTP? Any one serious about sorting out Ramu project including DSTP should take on MRA. It is the source of the rot as it is a counterfeit regulator of mine. It is unconstitutional and operating illegally hence it has no legal standing and competence to regulate mines including approval of construction phase in about June 2007. Landowners of Basamuk should take MRA on to succeed in litigation over DSTP.