Monday, July 26, 2010

Richard Ashton Carver 'the Butterfly Man'

Friends and family of longtime Goroka and Eastern Highlands province resident, Richard Ashton Carver, are advised of his passing in Goroka on Sunday, July 25.

Born 1st September 1916, died 25 July 2010.

A dinosaur from a bygone era, Richard was a man with a great work ethic, great ingenuity and bucket loads of tenacity.Apart from his many achievements – he will be most remembered for his tenacity and will to live – clearly demonstrated in the past few years, where with the help of a few friends he ‘escaped’ from an Australian nursing home, which had left him unable to move, bedridden, and without all his mental faculties.Upon returning back to PNG, he threw out his medication and little by little began to move his body again.He progressed to a wheelchair, and only two weeks before his death, Richard had progressed to the point where he stood up and walked …… much to the surprise of all family members.His speech, hearing and mental ability had all returned to normal.It was true testimony to his fighting spirit and will to live.Dearly missed by friends and family.

Funeral Service:  Wednesday 28 July 2010 at 1200 pm, St Johns Lutheran Church
Burial:  Wednesday 28 July 2010 at 4.00pmPark Ridge Estates

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  1. It was his beloved Kathrine and Stevie who rescued him, and his tenacity lives on within us.